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Yin Yoga TTC

The functional approach of the Yin Yoga Teacher Training -based on skeletal variations and uniqueness of every and each practitioner- provides a renewed perspective of the yoga asanas.
If you love the benefits of the Yin Yoga practice in your body and mind and are ready to take it to next level, this is the perfect course for you!

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Why and What is Yin Yoga?

We live in a culture that is constantly on the go, requiring a lot of movement, activity, stimulation, and responsibilities. So it may be surprising when a yoga class that asks us to be still can be more challenging than a fast-paced Vinyasa class.

Yin Yoga is popular because it offers the chance to be still, be present, and work within while you breathe and stretch deeply and create more space in mind and body.

While the more yang/dynamic style of yoga targets the muscles,Yin is a slow, soothing, and meditative style of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, and ligaments in the body.

In Yin Yoga, we hold mostly passive poses for about two to five minutes to work into our connective tissues. Lengthening extremely tight tissues can be an uncomfortable practice, but using this time to focus on breathing is a large part of Yin Yoga and also one of the many Yin Yoga benefits.

Typically when we experience discomfort, our bodies naturally become tense and we use our fight-or-flight response. Yin Yoga teaches us to reroute the mind and slow the heart rate when we experience discomfort.

Eventually, your mind will remain relaxed throughout your entire practice and you will be able to release the tension and more easily stretch your connective tissues.


  • You are a yoga practitioner and want to learn how to practice yin yoga
  • You are ready to learn yin yoga asanas from a functional approach
  • You are a qualified yoga teacher who want to expand your scope of teaching
  • You own a yoga studio/school and want to add value to the classes you offer to your clients
  • You are looking to add a certification to your resume as yoga teacher
  • You have been practicing yin yoga and want to move to the next level
  • You are looking for a comprehensive, safe, well/structured, anatomically precise yet intuitive approach.

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Where – Online on Zoom / Offline mode
Eligibility – Open for all

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Online Yin Yoga Course Details

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New Batch -To be announced soon!
Duration 35 hours
When On Weekdays
Timings 11 am to 4 pm

Course Fee – Rs.25,000/- (All-Inclusive) or
USD 350 (All-Inclusive)

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  • Understand the archetypal poses and their variations
  • Skilfully practice and modify the yin yoga poses
  • Identify the target area of every yoga asana
  • Comprehend where you should feel the effects of the poses
  • Sequence yin yoga flows centred in the anatomical and energetic benefits of the asanas
  • Discern when/if yoga props are needed.

Payment & Registration

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Rs.25,000 / USD 350

YIN YOGA TTC Student Testimonials

This lockdown gave me the opportunity to undertake the yin teacher training with Anahata Yoga , Hyderabad. I am really grateful to Pratibha for organizing this training virtually at this point and making it accessible for students like me from another city. The course was well structured and executed very well . Pratibha is a great teacher and extremely thorough with her subject. She explains and clears your doubts so well that the topic becomes crystal clear in your mind. As a fellow teacher , I have immense respect for Pratibha and hope to continue learning from her in future as well .

– Mudita Kajaria

I have had a wonderful learning experience past one week. Despite having completed two TTCs prior to the yin yoga one, I felt I have learned something new each day. I hadn’t realized how powerful yin yoga can be until this ttc. The weeklong practice of yin yoga took me through a wave of physical and emotional changes. The asanas which I could practice with ease in yang, I struggled a lot in yin. It brought about a realization that something which appears easy is actually not so easy. It can get extremely challenging when you have to stay there for long and in some cases requires you to go beyond your body and mind. Yin yoga provides an excellent opportunity to get into a meditative state. This practice has really taught me to slow down, reflect, explore and be curious to know more about myself. Overall, I felt my energy levels were also high throughout the day as I felt rejuvenated after the practice. Through this ttc, I see myself practicing the yin yoga principles in my day-to-day life as well.  For example, when in pain, instead of distracting myself with external sources I now try taking my awareness there and staying there till the sensation reaches the peak and slowly starts fading away. The yin practice has in a way taught me to face the challenge and come out strong rather than run away from it. Thank you Pratibha Mam for being the amazing teacher you are and for clarifying all my queries and doubts with so much patience. I feel I have also made some wonderful like-minded and positive-spirited friends through this program. Thank you, Anahata Yoga Zone, for creating this space for us.


I am passionate and enthusiastic about yoga and its universal healing powers of yoga. My passion led with curiosity has led to many workshops in the past 6 months and the latest addition being that of Yin Yoga. This certification was on my bucket list for the year 2018 and I am happy that I can not only tick it off and also cherish this experience and benefit a lifetime by practicing and teaching. It was a short one-week course that was structured very well and it suited my schedule, especially at the end of the year. Moreover, since I began my journey of teaching yoga, it was important to supplement my knowledge with further certifications and this seemed most appropriate at this time of the year. I truly wanted to experience yin given the yang nature of my life and for the most part of the year as well. We were a class small group of 6 people who were equally or more passionate and knowledgeable about yoga.  We discovered new anatomical concepts such as fascia, myofascial, tissues, etc, which was truly enlightening. It was funny that my mind invariably was tuning to the yang nature of yoga, given my mental framework and it needed constant nudging from mam to reorient to yin concepts. This mental adjustment took me a day before it could sink into my mind and body. At the end of each session, invariably my mind drifted from the unconscious to a sub-conscious state. This is a reflection of the deep relaxation state that was achieved at the end of the class. I would describe my experience of yin yoga as a guided meditation class but in poses and with the help of props. It was magical to internally observe how the body was melting and surrendering to the gravity of mother earth when it overcomes resistance. Yin Yoga really demanded deep focus and attention internally to observe sensations within the body, taming the mind to focus on that sensation without drifting away, taming the body to stay still and long without moving. Few poses very extremely demanding such as the frog or the fire dragon, where it demanded not only physical strength but also mental strength to endure the painful sensations. On the contrary, some poses such as sleeping butterfly or snail I could stay much longer than what was needed.  Interesting, some other poses such as saddle or seal were difficult initially but as I stayed with the sensation, it reached its peak and slowly started fading away, allowing my body to stay still, calm, and longer.      

I really loved the experience of yin yoga and very enthusiastic to spread this knowledge. I am also looking forward to my own independent practice to recreate the magic it creates in the mind and the body. Once again thank you Pratibha Mam for giving us this opportunity, an opportunity to truly transform our lives and influence others similarly.


As I think about my life, I am constantly being called to the edge.  How far can I go? How far should I push myself?  Nobody knows the answer because we are all different.  Some people can be really hard on themselves, and others are the opposite.  I realized that practicing Yin Yoga is much like practicing life.  Let’s say, as graduating from college and looking for a job, first we need to know our ability.  Sad to say, but the reality is that if my educational level does not meet, I cannot be a doctor no matter how much I wish (Knowing my edge).  Then, once I get a job, I need to be patient. I cannot be moving from one job to the others, which will show incapable of learning and impatience (Be still).  Like it or not, we should stay in the carrier at least 3 years to 5 years to start being expert in the job (Hold longer).  When I am actively seeking a boyfriend, it never happens. When I stop looking and find something else to keep me busy, I will end up being in a relationship.  Just like Yin Yoga. When you passively work out on a posture, you will get benefits such as body and mind relaxation.  (Yin movements are done passively whereas Yang movements are done actively.)   Life is so much alike Yin yoga!

It was very coincidence that I ran into this Yin yoga TTC.  While I was in Japan for the summer, I found a big yoga studio that offered many types of Yoga with very experienced teachers supposedly. They said the teachers are certified in the US (Hawaii).  Regardless, I wanted to try one class at this studio before signing up membership.  Because of my time availability, there was only a Yin Yoga class that I was able to take at the moment, so I tried.  I had no idea what the Yin Yoga was.  The studio explained to me that Yin Yoga is to hold some postures longer and I will still enjoy because it will be a mix of fast and slow pace of yoga.  It didn’t matter to me what it is, so I gave it a shot.  We started with warm up stretch then we did Surya Namaskar A for a few times, then we held some postures (such as Warrior 2) for 3 minutes. I sweat a lot, and I felt good afterwards.  Then I came back to Hyderabad and saw the Yin yoga TTC. That surprised me and it was just a right timing as I just experienced “YIN Yoga” not long time ago.  So before starting TTC, I thought Yin Yoga was like holding some postures longer in same manner as normal yoga that I have known.  But the reality was totally different.  All Yin yoga postures are different from Yang yoga postures although it may look similar.  First of all, I do not need to engage my muscles when I hold the posture, rather I need to let the body come into the posture (passive movement). I wanted to scream this was not what I heard of Yin Yoga in Japan!!! 

I read an article about Yin Yoga that it can be dangerous to mix up these forms of exercise. Yang tissues can be damaged by being stressed in a yin manner – statically held in one position for a long period of time. Muscles need repetitive movement to grow stronger. Similarly, being stressed in a yang manner can damage yin tissues.  When I thought back to the class, I think the name should be “Hatha Yoga” not “Yin Yoga”.  But anyway, this incident made me want to take the TTC course.  Without this misunderstanding, I would not have taken the course, which in turn, I was not able to gain such wonderful knowledge to be balanced with Yang side of practices.   Now that I gain this knowledge, I can bring this to the students who prefer power yoga and active workout in order for them to rest and relax their body and mind to balance their workout.  I am glad this all happened to me and I am able to take this course. I enjoyed the course, and cannot thank you (Ms. Pratibha) enough. 


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