Pranayam Level 2 – LIVE Online!


Are you ready for Pranayam Level 2?

Let us kick-start 2021 with focus on our mental health and well being.

Anahata Yoga Zone brings the much anticipated, Level 2 of its Pranayam Course. It’s time to Level Up!

The course will be held from 18th to 29th January – 7pm to 8pm

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“Pranayama is a conscious prolongation of inhalation, retention and exhalation.”

This very pared down definition doesn’t explain why someone might want to consciously change their rate of breathing. To understand pranayama it’s helpful to understand prana.

So what is prana? Classical yogic texts describe prana as the energy of the universe. This energy is the creator, sustainer, and destroyer, and because it permeates everything in the universe it is considered the breath of life. Prana is a Sanskrit word that translates as “vital life force”. Understanding what prana is and how it works is like being given a key that can unlock new improved levels of health and wellbeing—on the inside and out.

Pranayama helps cure diseases, most of the modern day diseases which are psychosomatic, meaning which arises due to disturbance and disharmony in the mind and manifests as a diseases in the physical body.

To know the science behind, watch this youtube video in which our founder director PRATIBHA AGARWAL explains the concept beautifully.

Prerequisites to join the program

  • Participants should have attended our 21 days of pranayam – or have a basic knowledge and practice of Pranayam.
  • They should be able to sit comfortably for an hour in any meditative posture.


Online – Over Zoom

Dates & Timing

This is a 10 days course. We will practice this over Zoom for 5 days a week – Monday to Friday. The remaining two days of the week, it will be self-practice.

The course will be held from 18th to 29th January – 7pm to 8pm

Once you complete the registration and payment, a team member will mail you the event login details before the event.

For dates and timing of the next batch, mail us at [email protected].

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