Prenatal Yoga Teacher
Training Course

42 Hours , YACEP

“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”

Pregnancy and becoming a mother is unquestionably the most special time for every woman. All mothers-to-be deserve our attention, support, and individual care – yoga can help a lot!


  • Regular Yoga practitioners to deepen your yoga knowledge.
  • Yoga instructors.
  • Mom-to-be.
  • Yoga practitioners planning to conceive.

Prenatal Yoga TTC

Pregnancy may be an emotionally and physically demanding time and the practice of yoga has been proven to be very beneficial during pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful method to prepare for childbirth and beyond. 

This is a comprehensive prenatal yoga certification programme designed to equip aspiring yoga instructors with a strong foundational knowledge of physiology and anatomy in pregnancy. Students of the course will learn to support women in every stage of pregnancy, through yoga practices.

The Prenatal Yoga teacher training program is uniquely designed for yoga teachers who want to specialize in pre and postnatal yoga. Pregnancy can be an emotionally and physically challenging experience and yoga practice has shown a lot of benefits for pregnant women. During pregnancy, every organ and system has to work hard to nurture the baby and also to keep the mother strong and fit. After the successful completion of the program you can start teaching the Prenatal Yoga all over the world.  

This course will help you in both to modify a yoga practice for your “regular” students who got pregnant or to build special prenatal/postnatal programs for women who have never practiced yoga before.

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New batch starting from 15th June 2024!


1. The teachings of Garbhasanskara in this course helps one to understand the process in depth.
Addressing physiological& psychological changes during pregnancy.
2. Modifying and sequencing the yoga practice accordingly 
3. Trimester-wise Classification of asanas, benefits, and contra-indications
4. Knowledge of preconception and postnatal practices 
5. Breathing techniques during labor 
6. Yoganidra and meditation for positive attitude during pregnancy.


  • Practical tools for teaching a safe and comprehensive prenatal yoga class
  • A thorough understanding of yoga for application in various pregnancy-related physical and mental conditions
  • Learn how to do sequencing for various stages of pregnancy and how to adapt the poses for each individual as per the daily needs and limit

Prenatal TTC Number of Hours and Topics to be covered:

Prenatal techniques, training and practice20 hours
Anatomy and physiology5 hours
Prenatal Yoga philosophy2 hours
Apprenticeship5 hours
Teaching sessions5 hours
Understanding teachers role3 hours

Pregnancy is a very important part in one’s life, and stating healthy and happy is of utmost important during this very crucial phase of one’s life. The changes in the body as one conceives, can create havoc in one’s mental health, if one is not aware of what to expect during pregnancy.

In a prenatal yoga session, one has to keep in mind the changes in the body, and has to modify and adapt to the changes in each trimester. A good knowledge of the asanas as well as the changes in the body in each trimester is very important, in designing the sequence and structure of a prenatal session. The one on one session is very personalized and helps to cater to your individual requirement during pregnancy.

Our prenatal yoga sessions are conducted by our certified prenatal yoga teachers who have a thorough know how of the above. We offer one on one prenatal yoga sessions to help you sail through your pregnancy and also to help you for delivery.

(Prenatal yoga Ttc Trainer)

Our prenatal yoga session helps one to stay healthy physically and mentally. Our teachers provide the required support and environment one needs during this period.



General Anatomy & the Anatomy of a Pregnant Woman
Physiological Changes in Pregnancy
Trimesters: An Anatomical & Yogic Point of View
Stages of Labour


Common Aches & Pains During Pregnancy
Complications in Pregnancy
Premature labour
Other common conditions and issues related to pregnancy and how to handle them through yoga


Prenatal Yoga in the Classroom: Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques
Usage of Props During Pregnancy
Therapeutic Benefits of Postures, Breathing, Meditation & Relaxation
Precautions, Postures to Avoid & Modifications for certain conditions

Payment & Registration

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Registrations Open!
New batch starting from June 15th, 2024!

Prenatal Yoga TTC Student Testimonials

I wanted to share my feedback for Anahata and wanted to thank Kani Maam and you.

“Pregnancy during covid second wave was itself little scary for us and we were equally nervous since we were becoming parents for the first time.

Anahata prenatal yoga was a blessing for us.

My special thanks goes to Kani Maam… She not only made me comfortable to pregnancy but educated me on the dos and donts of posture so well … just like a parent does.

Yoga helped me stay fit .. I always wished for a normal delivery.. but due to complications I had to go for emergency C section. But guess what post natal I have lost all weight gained perfectly. 

Now I weigh the same as I weighed during the time of conception.

My thyroid is also in control and I have very less backache and other ailments which pregnant women generally complain of.

My baby is very active just as Kani Maam used to say.. “Do exercise.. your baby will be born active”

Thank you Anahata for helping me out and making this journey very special and divine.

And a special thanks for introducing me to one of my best teachers.. Kani Maam.

Hello everyone wanted to share a gud news Sooraj and I are so EXCITED to announce that we are blessed with a baby boy this week ! We could not be more happy with how everything is going and feel truly blessed.. I would like to thank Pratibha for suggesting me Kani after understanding my health and my requirement. Kani has been extremely supportive and the tips shared by her around labour breathing techniques , stretches, have helped me in having a smooth delivery … Thanks a ton Anahatha


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