Personal Online Classes

A private yoga class designed around your needs and abilities is the safest & easiest way to build a healthy yoga habit

Yoga is for everyone!

We believe that yoga can benefit every single person.

Why take a personal session of yoga?

It is common for new students to join a group yoga class and feel overwhelmed or out of place. Personal sessions are beneficial as they provide direct one on one with the yoga instructors to whom you can address anybody issue directly.

-Perfect choice for beginners to yoga!

Beginners to yoga require clear explanations and patient instruction to effectively learn the basics. Students with injuries must also learn safe alignment techniques and proper modifications.

-Personal Online Yoga sessions also serve as therapy sessions!

This online yoga therapy consultation is suitable for people with certain ailments or conditions.

The yoga instructor and the student will get to have an extensive consultation session. Through this consultation session, our instructors would get to know and understand the past and current state of the condition, thereby enabling him to be able to suggest certain yogic diet recommendations and various yoga practices. He would also be able to recommend some gentle therapeutic sequence of yoga unique to just that individual according to the condition.

How long is a private yoga class?

Our private yoga classes are 1 hour long. The duration of the session can be customized as per the need and requirement. We can offer longer lessons for an additional fee, or shorter sessions to match your schedule.

We work with well-qualified and experienced yoga instructors to ensure that you get a relaxing and safe experience.

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