Yoga for Post-Covid Recovery

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Class Description

Has the Suffering from Covid 19 taken up your Peace and isolated you from your body?

Join us to Heal and Rejuvenate Yourself !!!

8 Days : 8 Sessions

It is observed that nearly 10% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 experience prolonged symptoms, including trouble breathing, blood clots, headaches, nausea, muscle pain, and fatigue that last weeks, months, possibly years after testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

At this time, it has become very important for everyone to boost their immunity and fight the battle against COVID-19. While eating healthy is one way to stay fit, people often lack stamina even when they consume a good diet. It is very important to keep the Covid-19 patients mentally and physically fit. The health condition of infectees’ worsens due to stress, anxiety, tension, unknown fear, and depression.

To overcome these Anahata Yoga Zone is organizing 8 Days Yoga for post-Covid Recovery sessions for patients as we believe that the use of yoga for stress reduction and immune modulation is considered as the basis for its complementary role in the management of an infectious condition like COVID-19. These sessions are offered in all sincerity and love and dedication to all so that we can overcome this threat successfully and without much trauma.

Yoga for Post-Covid Recovery Sessions focuses on improving lung capacity and the natural mucociliary clearance mechanisms of the respiratory system. Stress management is also an integral part because it’s not just the severity of the diseases that take their toll but also the stress of having caught a dreaded virus. Our aim in this yoga program is to play some role in aiding the process of recovery. However, Covid Medication they are taking cannot be stopped. They are advised to continue taking all medication as well as practice yoga for fast and better recovery.

How to Structure Your Practice?

We recommend that you follow the same sequence as given in the course, complete class 1 on DAY 1, and so on. After completing all the 8 sessions, revisit and practice few sessions which you found interesting or challenging.

Props Used in the Classes:


If you don’t have any of the above, you may use things from the house, like yoga blocks can be replaced with two bottles or tumblers.

What this Recorded Class series includes:

  • 8 Yoga for Post-Covid Recovery recorded classes to practice along.
  • Each session is ~1-hour videos focusing on different aspects of your body/health.
  • Unlimited access to the course for 21 days.
  • The course has been designed to provide a scheduled injury-free practice.
  • Access the course anytime, anywhere.

International Yoga Day Celebration Event - 16th June,  At Sai Geetha Ashram