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About The Course

Astavakrasana ( Eight Angle Pose) is an advanced practice forming part of the advanced arm balance sequences, and core strengthening sequences. The practice mainly builds strength and flexibility, at a higher level it helps in maintaining stability and balance and also helps the practitioner to come out of his physical and mental limitations.

The whole sequence prepares you smoothly and gradually to do this advance aasan, and its recommended that one should not rush to get into this pose but should spend time properly warming up for this pose.

It may require you to keep working on the preparatory poses demonstrated and taught in this video repeatedly before attempting the final posture.

Contraindications and Cautions:

  • Make sure you cool down your body and not end your practice abruptly.
  • This class is NOT suitable for beginners, It is meant for experienced yoga practitioners only.

What the class includes:

  • This class is designed for Advanced Yogis to practice along.
  • 1hr follow-along practice session video focusing on ASHTAVAKRASAN
  • Unlimited access to the class for 30days for registered students.
  • Access the class anytime, anywhere.

Incorporate the knowledge to improve your everyday yoga practice. The class will be delivered by experienced Anahata Yoga Zone instructors.