Aerial Yoga Teacher
Training Course

A Yoga Alliance accredited course by Anahata Yoga Zone

Practicing Aerial Yoga is sort of a game that challenges and invigorates. It opens up new doors as to how you can work with your own body weight.

The Anahata Aerial Yoga teacher training helps you to build a strong foundation to use the hammock effectively. This International Certification allows students to teach anywhere in the world upon completion of the course. The course offers a clear and concise PDF training manual in which all Asanas (poses) are described in great depth, including benefits, tips, anatomy, alignment instructions, and much more.

The Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course offers a strong supportive foundation that encourages students to flourish in their own time, in their own space.



“Aerial Yoga combines traditional mat yoga with dance-like movement, in postures suspended in soft fabric hammocks.”

Aerial Yoga is a combination of the traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas, aerial flow, and fitness dynamics. This combination, apart from offering well-being, helps us overcome our fears of being upside down, the fear of anti-gravitation, and floating.

The teacher training for aerial yoga provides a safe guide to the students to practice yoga in a safe environment under the guidance of the best teachers.

New Batch – 1st-16th April 2023

Every Saturday and Sunday

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  • In this course you will practice various types of sequences designed to help you learn all the fundamental poses and design your own class later. The course will teach you the poses with proper alignment supported by a well structured manual.
  • This well designed course by us will help you to understand the anatomy and alignment of an asana and will help access the postures with the support of the fabric. Students will get to teach everyday, learn alignments, teaching methodology and will be able to teach on their own by the end of the course.
  • Besides being a lot of fun, aerial yoga is highly beneficial to people with back pain especially due to compression. The inversions done with the support of the fabric helps to decompress the spine and alleviate pain.
  • Keeping safety in mind, the fabric used in our course is of high standard and is quality tested.

Major Highlights of the Course:

1. Traditional Yoga Foundation

2. Expert Alignment and Adjustments

3. Aerial Yoga Sequences

4. Teaching Practice every day

5. Restorative Aerial

6. Aerial Pilates

Benefits of Aerial Yoga TTC


When you invest in yourself, you immediately up-level your worth. Emphasis is placed on integration of proper form, support, stabilization, and safety throughout the duration of each exercise as well as effective spotting techniques for clients of varying abilities.   


Your teacher training will open the doors for you to fill your classes, studios, retreats, and future trainings as a teacher!

In addition, you will learn how to confidently coach students out of their comfort zone and into the freedom and exhilaration that exists on the other side keeping them coming back for more.


Adding aYoga Alliance accredited certification to your list of qualifications will enhance your professional recognition If you have a Yoga Alliance accredited certification, you will be eligible to earn continuing education through specific providers. After effectively integrating into a full exercise regimen, the playful techniques and remarkable results will report to increase in client loyalty and training consistency.


  • For students who are searching continuing education and further development in yoga, mind – body medicine, meditation and concentration.
  • Learn easy techniques of gentle body opening.
  • Can be used for excellent spine problems support.
  • Calms nervous system in inversions.
  • Can be easily performed by the beginners.
  • Improves energy flow in all chakra systems and physical body parts.


  • How to teach  aerial yoga poses, with variations and modifications.
  • How to sequence an all-levels or deconstructed aerial yoga class, using a theme to build up to two peak poses.
  • How to safely assist and adjust for intermediate poses.

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Anahata Yoga Zone Aerial Yoga TTC

We are bringing you more for less. This course includes:


This course is dedicated to all the students who would love to fly and study this beautiful style.

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New Batch – 1st-16th April 2023

Time :11-4 pm

LOCATION: Tirumalgiri Studio Offline
Duration 40 hrs of Training

Course Fee – Rs.29,500/- (All-Inclusive) or
USD 400 (All-Inclusive)

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Aerial Yoga TTC Is Suitable For

  • Yoga teachers, who are looking to expand their skills and teaching opportunities by learning how to work with the yoga trapeze style of swing.​​​​
  • Yoga practitioners who want to enhance their practice using the Aerial Silk.
  • Fitness instructors who want to expand their learnings and trainings.
  •  Physiotherapists or others who provide therapy for ailments 

For a more detailed understanding watch the introduction video by Pratibha Agarwal:


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Rs.29,500 / USD 400

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Aerial Yoga TTC Student Testimonials

Helping our students make a career in Yoga since 2010

– by Madhavi

– by Rachita

– by Praveen

– by Divyaprakash

Frequently Asked Questions

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