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Pranayama Yoga

Beginners Pranayama to Build Immunity

Beginners' Pranayama Session for Immunity and Good Health


Yoga Nidra Online Class

Need a nap? Yoga Nidra may be the key to feeling well-rested.


Core Blast Online Class

A strong core helps keep a more upright and erect posture.


The Best Breathing Techniques for a Healthy Heart

The breathing techniques presented here can help restore full and proper functioning to the lungs and diaphragm and will be very beneficial for heart patients and also for those who want to take care of their heart health.


Yoga for PCOD / PCOS

Regular yoga practice helps to manage the pain and discomfort caused due to PCOS/PCOD and also aids relaxation. This session will cover simple easy to do asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques that you may practice at the comfort of your home.



This Yoga for Sciatica & Low Back Pain practice you will rest in long holding hip openers targeting hip flexors, groin, performis, glute, hips, and lower back. The yoga stretches shown here is esp helpful when one has sciatica pain caused due to "Piriformis Syndrome."


HATHA YOGA-Focus on Alignment & Mindfulness

Hatha Yoga is about aligning your system to cosmic geometry. A way to become an extension of cosmic reverb. This is the Live Recording of the Hatha Yoga Session with our online and offline students on the International Day of Yoga on 21 June 2022.

Embrace Yoga to Transform Your Life

At Anahata Yoga, we truly believe in the transformational powers of this ancient practice and have been one of the leading Yoga Studios in India since a decade. Here how we approach Yoga:

Pratibha Agarwal Anahata Yoga
Pratibha Agarwal — Founder & Director, Anahata Yoga Zone

Build Immunity & Develop Resilience

Yoga is one of the most effective and time-tested natural immunity boosters that can lead to a healthy, sickness-free body.

Holistic Welness of Body & Mind

Our living lifestyle patterns affect body at mental, physical, social, economical, emotional and spiritual level. But, yoga acts in controlling person’s body, mind and soul in all forms.

Injury-Free practice with Professionals

With the growing popularity of yoga, the injuries in one’s yoga practice has also become commonplace. With a thorough knowledge of anatomy of asanas and years of experience, our certified trainers are best suited to provide an injury free training.

Rich spectrum of Classes

We are all individuals; we are all different; we all have our own stresses, injuries and lifestyle pressures. And our trained instructors provide you with a rich variety of classes, that one can choose from.

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